Come On Back Jack

Nina Simone - Come On Back Jack

mp3: Nina Simone - Come On Back Jack

Nina Simone's brilliant answer record to Hit The Road Jack, that's about all you need to know about today's offering. Come On Back Jack was released in 1961 on the Colpix label. Mine's a Swedish pressing on beautiful blue vinyl.



Ralph Marterie - Bacardi

mp3: Ralph Marterie - Bacardi

Trumpet player and band leader Ralph Marterie give us his take on The Champs' Tequila with today's selection. His spirit of choice is one produced on an island just to the east of Mexico. Bacardi was released in 1961 and has been enjoyed in moderation ever since.

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Bad boys and girls of rock'n'roll radio

From Link Wray to Etta James, this Diddy Wah radio show celebrates the bad boy and bad girls of rock'n'roll. Two Version Excursions and a whole load of trouble. Tune in!


Heavy Sugar w/ Nasty Bartender - Aug 22nd

Heavy Sugar 22nd August 2014

Heavy Sugar will be celebrating the dangerous sounds of the original bad girls and bad boys of rock'n'roll this coming Friday August 22nd. Fritz and I will be joined by the inimitable DJ Nasty Bartender, who's bringing a box of records all the way from Belgium for one night only. We're back in our favourite subterranean haunt, The Alibi in Dalston. Free to get in, as always. All the essential information can be found on the event page on Facebook. Hope to see you there!


Anna Mae, what's on your mind?

Brownie McGhee - Anna Mae

mp3: Brownie McGhee - Anna Mae

Here's a speedy and bluesy re-imagining of Chuck Berry's Maybellene from Brownie McGhee. Anna Mae was released in 1955, the same year as the original. It features the Mickey Baker's searing guitar and the chugging harmonica of McGhee's musical other half, Sonny Terry.

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I can't do my Homework anymore

Otis Rush - Homework

mp3: Otis Rush - Homework

After seeing several copies of this monster 45 evade my clutches on a certain online auction website, I finally managed to capture one just the other week. Otis Rush's Homework contains some of the heaviest horns you'll ever hear growl their way through a blues song. The southpaw Chicago bluesman recorded this in 1962 for Duke Records afters stints at Cobra and Chess. For some reason, it was the only thing he released on that label. Quality over quantity. The full, sophisticated and soulful sound of Homework signified a turning point for Chicago blues into the more slick and predictable style that lives on in blues societies today.

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The Muddy Blockbusters

The Blockbusters - Muddy Pt.1 The Blockbusters - Muddy Pt.2

mp3: The Blockbusters - Muddy Pt.1
mp3: The Blockbusters - Muddy Pt.2

Although today's selections are titled Muddy parts 1 and 2, apart from sharing a full and funky R&B instrumental sound, they aren't really the same tune. They were released as Rockin' Records issue #500 and #501 respectively in 1961. It's a label that only put out one other record in the early '60s and then another over a decade later. There's something a bit mysterious and hidden about these recordings. What piques my interest is the name of the producer, one W.H. Rocquemore. Rocquemore is a real surname and I could be way off track, but my guess is that Mr "Rock More" of Rockin' Records in Hollywood, California is actually Rene Hall, who is listed as the arranger and conductor of both records. Why Hall and his collaborators would disguise their work is anyone's guess, but contractual or tax reasons are both possibilities. I've no idea if these Blockbusters were connected to Boots Brown's band of the same name. As always, if you can shine more light on these recordings, please leave a comment on the Diddy Wah Facebook page. In the meantime, get your hips shakin' to these wild sounds.

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